Whitbread Celebrate 35 Years

Whitbread Insurance Brokers, a second generation family owned company, this year celebrates 35 years in business

While many insurance brokerages today are expanding through mergers and acquisitions, Whitbread Insurance Brokers are enjoying remarkable organic growth through our unwavering commitment to our founding values, and by empowering our clients, people and the community to thrive.

This year celebrating our 35th anniversary, we remain an Australian family owned brokerage, led by second-generation owners Angela, John Paul and Claire Whitbread. The siblings are united in their vision to further grow the business founded in 1978 by their father, the late John Whitbread.

Today Whitbread boasts more than 80 staff and offers brokerage services spanning business, personal and strata insurance. We are also firmly committed to changing the perception of insurance from a grudge “must have” purchase to an enabler of business growth.

According to Managing Director and Chairwoman of the Whitbread Insurance Group, Angela Whitbread, the company’s strong staff focus and exceptional technical expertise has been paramount in establishing enduring customer relationships and positioning Whitbread as a trusted advisor. “Too often insurance is reduced to a sales proposition, but policies are legal documents. We’re focused on helping customers navigate this complex industry, understand the policy and develop the best insurance solution for their needs,” said Angela. “For us, insurance is not just about protecting the ‘now’, it’s about encouraging our clients to see what’s possible and plan for what they want in the future.”

“We help our clients manage their risk so they can think beyond the day to day. We give them confidence, so they can think ahead, plan with certainty and grow their business. We share our expertise and insight to educate our clients, so they can better control their own destiny”.

Our commitment to helping customers navigate the complexities of insurance extends to claims. Our in-house claims department reflects Whitbread’s mandate to go the extra mile. We help customers to prepare for and deal with their times of need, managing the entire insurance claims process on behalf of our clients.

Our team works to maximise the returns delivered to Whitbread’s clients in the event of a claim, representing customer interests in what can often be extended negotiations with insurance providers. “The whole purpose of having insurance is to protect your risks and get a claim resolved quickly. Being able to effectively respond to our clients’ claims needs and support them through difficult times has always been important to us,” said Angela.

This theme of empowerment is a constant in the Whitbread way. And it is the driving force behind our long-standing commitment in giving back to the community. We donate 10 % of our profits to the Whitbread Foundation each year, which proudly supports poverty and health programs both in Australia and abroad.

The purpose of the Whitbread Foundation is to create an enduring charitable entity for future generations. “Having a social aspect to our business gives us a reason for being. It motivates us, and it motivates our staff to give back to the community. It encourages other businesses and individuals to do the same,” said Angela. “We believe in creating sustainable change through education and empowerment. We seek to provide the support, tools and resources to charities whose charter is to help individuals and communities create a better future for themselves.”

But according to Angela, the future of Whitbread is about embracing the digital space and transferring the company’s insurance expertise and customer relationship focus to a technology-focused generation, without losing the focus of a personalised customer service approach. “We recognise that the buying needs of online insurance customers is different. They want more information and better products at a lower cost,” said Angela. “We’re working to develop our value proposition for the online environment to ensure we continuing to meet customer needs.”

Reflecting on Whitbread’s progress in its 35 years of operation, Angela said “alignment of goals and values between the second-generation sibling owners has been our biggest strength. “It’s one in, all in with us. That’s a really big achievement in a family business, and I think our parents would be so proud.”

Whitbread’s 35th anniversary will be marked with an exclusive VIP celebration at the Crown Entertainment Complex this month to acknowledge our clients, suppliers and staff that have been part of Whitbread’s journey.

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