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Whitbread Foundation announces million dollar milestone

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The Whitbread family are very proud to announce that the Whitbread Foundation has reached a monumental milestone, donating over $1,000,000 to local and overseas charities.

Claire John Paul Angela Whitbread

This is a wonderful milestone for the Whitbread Foundation and speaking on behalf of the Whitbread board and our hard-working employees, it’s one we should all feel very proud to be associated with.  The significant amount donated directly represents the philanthropic endeavours of our organisation and reflects how seriously the Whitbread family and employees take their role in the business and the broader community.

In 2011, Angela, Claire and John Paul Whitbread established the Whitbread Foundation, in honour of their parents, the late John and Margaret Whitbread.

“Our parents instilled in us a strong sense of community.  In addition to running our family business, Mum and Dad always volunteered their time in the community.  Through their example, we learnt that being in business is more than just providing insurance services, it’s about making a difference in the lives of the people who work within our company, partnering with businesses that align with our values and supporting the community through our philanthropic endeavours,” explained Angela Whitbread.

The charter of the Whitbread Foundation is to support charities that contribute to systemic change through education, which breaks the cycle of poverty and disadvantage.

“We believe that it is through education that people can be transformed, we apply this principle within our company and also in the charities that we invest in.  ” said John Paul Whitbread.

The Whitbread Foundation is currently investing in the following charities:

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre’s Innovation Hub - promotes self-sufficiency and empowerment of all asylum seekers through increased employability, English-language skills, training and education, and social enterprises.  Asylum Seeker Resource Centre is the largest aid, health and advocacy organisation for asylum seekers in Australia.

Melbourne City Mission's Academy Program – A place where Melbourne's disengaged and homeless children have access to an education, allowing them to reconnect with schooling.  The Melbourne Academy classrooms focus on training towards both a VCAL and VET certificate.

The Hunger Project – Committed to ending world hunger through sustainable solutions.  Through education, people are empowered to author their own solution to ending hunger.  The Hunger Project’s three guiding pillars are; mobilisation for self-reliance, empowering women as key change-agents for development, making local government work.  The Whitbread Foundation invests in the Kiruhura epicentre in Uganda.

Zimele – Vision is to enhance the dignity of individuals and communities through the empowerment of education and assist in the provision of basic health needs to people in Africa.  The Whitbread Foundation specifically supports the Education For Life Ministry in Eldoret, Kenya where they are building a resource centre which includes a library, a medical centre, a micro-finance facility and a vocational trades school.

“Our commitment to philanthropy gives our family a greater sense of purpose which goes beyond just financial reward.  It brings meaning to our work, and answers the deep calling within each of us to live a life of service.” said Claire Whitbread.

“We’ve found that our commitment to channel our profits in ways that enables others to flourish resonates with our people and clients too.  There is a growing movement in business around corporate social responsibility and we at Whitbread are very proud to be a business that is a force for good.” said Claire Whitbread.

To find out more about the work of the Whitbread Foundation, visit our page and show us your support by liking and sharing with your networks.

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