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Scope of cyber attacks in Australia unveiled

By Ben Bowen on

A recent survey by the ACSC (Australian Cyber Security Centre) has revealed the full extent of cyber-attacks in Australia, and should serve as a stark reminder to all businesses that cyber-attacks are no longer a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ and ’what type of attack’.

With some companies receiving hundreds of malicious threats daily, it is reported that businesses need to focus more on monitoring their networks and detecting potentially malicious activity to help prevent cybercrimes from occurring.

Along with preventative measures it is also essential to have Cyber Insurance in place to preserve the financial position of your company when your data is compromised, or system locked down and held ransom by cybercriminals. If your business connects to the internet in any way, you are at risk.

Read more on how Cyber Insurance can protect your business and ensure you have a safety net in place when the inevitable occurs.

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