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When Insurance becomes an Investment

By John Paul Whitbread on

Find out how one of our clients - MBE franchisee owner Charles Batt - experienced the value of having an insurance broker firsthand.

When a fierce fire took hold of a neighbouring tenancy, Charles' store was afflicted with smoke damage to carpets, stock, machinery and the ceiling - all of which needed either intensive cleaning or total replacement. The damage left Charles wondering how he would be able to open for business to complete 2 large jobs for clients the following week. 

Watch Charles' story below, and learn how Whitbread helped get his business back on track.



As an outcome of the immediate response by Whitbread and actions of the insurance company, there was very little impact to the operations of Charles’ business. Even though MBE's claim was lodged on a Friday, the insurer was fantastic and arranged for decontamination works, re-carpeting and steam cleaning over the weekend so that Charles was operational by Monday morning.

In essence, it all came down to having a quality insurance policy, and a specialist insurance broker. Whitbread's broker worked closely with MBE to undertake a careful risk assessment of the business enabling him to recommend the right insurance program to respond as required in a crisis.   


If a lesser policy had been placed, Charles could have been left in a similar position to his neighbouring tenant - they waited over a week for their insurance company to respond!

The potential cost to his business would have been the loss of two significant printing jobs he was expecting on the Monday morning. Thankfully this was avoided due to the quality insurance policy Charles had in place.


Charles believes that one of the greatest benefits of using Whitbread Insurance Brokers is the expert advice and valuable recommendations given to him to ensure that he had comprehensive insurance coverage.

“Insurance is a cost until you need it, when it immediately becomes an investment. I would encourage all business owners to use Whitbread for their insurance when it next comes up for renewal.” said Charles.

Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE) is a franchisee business which offers complete office services solutions including design, copying, printing, digital archiving, finishing, mailing services, oversized printing and promotional items for local businesses throughout Australia.

If your franchise would benefit from an insurance program that minimises the impact of a claim on the operation your business, please contact Whitbread Insurance Brokers. Phone us on 1300 424 627. 

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Lidia Siljanoski

As the bushfire season approaches this statistic really underlines how imperative it is to have the right insurance cover and sums insured for your home and contents. The right cover will help to ensure you are in a position to finance the full cost of reinstating your home in the event...

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Ben Bowen

Note: Some information in this article has been generously provided by Whitbread partner, and leading Australian IT specialists, Surety[IT]. 


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