Stay Smart Online Awareness Week

Stay Smart Online is a government initiative designed to assist businesses and individuals in their understanding cyber risks.

As reported by the 7:30 Report in January 2014, internet fraud is costing Australians in excess of $7 million a month.

2 – 6 June is Stay Smart Online Awareness Week 2014. Stay Smart Online is an Australian Government initiative that highlights the importance of online safety and cyber security.

Stay Smart Online is designed to assist individuals and businesses in understanding cyber risks, and the very simple steps that can be taken to safeguard your personal and financial information online.

Whilst taking up a Cyber Insurance Policy is one crucial way to manage your risk, Stay Smart Online addresses some critical top tips on how you can mitigate the threat of cyber security breaches to your business.

Click here to view the top tips.

To find out more about Cyber Liability insurance and the implications for your business, please contact our office on 1300424627.

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