Motor Vehicle

Your prestige vehicle deserves an insurance policy that goes a class above the rest, providing you with flexible cover that aligns and works in with your lifestyle.

Your car is more than just a mode of transport, it connects you with friends, family and the life you live.

From Porsche, Mercedes-Benz to BMW and Alfa Romeo, we can source a quality insurance solution for a broad range of prestige vehicles that protects your financial interests and way of life.

Please Note: Below are some of the more common insurance policy features, however, the list is not exhaustive and some features may not be offered by certain insurers. Please refer to the insurer specific policy wording for inclusions, exclusions, terms and conditions.

Covered Features

Comprehensive Cover

Loss or damage to insured vehicle and legal liability Australia wide. 

Agreed Value

Motor vehicle is insured based on agreed value.

Keys and Locks

Replacement of keys, locks after theft of keys – subject to a limit

Rental Vehicle

Policy provides rental vehicle after accident or theft which is not at-fault (excluding running and incidental costs).

Windscreen / Glass Benefit

Policy provides cover for one excess free window claim per year which will not affect your no claim bonus. 

Towing Costs

Reasonable cost, up to a limit, to retrieve/remove the insured vehicle from the scene of an accident when it cannot be safely driven and delivered to the repairer.


This means that the insured vehicle is insured up to the fixed amount shown in the policy schedule and is the maximum amount payable by the insurer.

Yes, an insurer will recommend a licensed repairer or the insured can choose their own provided the cost of repairs does not exceed the adjusted repair cost assessed by an external assessor.  Insurers will either authorise repairs or pay the reasonable cost of repairs. 

There are some prestige motor vehicle insurers who provide policies that cover set kilometres per year.

No Claim Bonus (NCB) is a reward for good insurance record and the maximum is Rating 1. Prestige Insurers offer a Rating 1 NCB Protection for insureds that have maintained their insurance with them for at least three consecutive years and have no at fault claims during that time. The insured’s maximum rating is maintained irrespective of any subsequent claims for as long as the policy remains with the insurer.

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