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MLAA Public Liability Insurance (including Errors & Omissions)

Defending yourself against personal injury or property damage claims can be extremely costly.

The Master Locksmith's Public and Products Liability Insurance is designed to protect you and your business from claims for third party property damage or personal injury incurred while going about your daily business activities, as well as Errors and Omissions.

Whitbread have developed a Public Liability insurance solution for Master Locksmiths. Including cover for Errors and Omissions, this policy is specifically designed to protect your business against risks specific to your industry and provide greater certainty for your future.


The Policy 

The Master Locksmiths Liability Insurance policy covers each Member for business activities as follows:

Principally Locksmith including, but not limited to retail sales, offsite call out, repairs and installation, mobile locksmith services, automotive locksmith services, installation of local alarms and other security hardware, property owners and all other activities incidental thereto.

To apply for the Master Locksmith's Insurance policy, each member needs to complete and submit an application form (refer below).

Scroll down to the bottom of this page for detailed information on the specific features and benefits of the Master Locksmiths Public Liability Insurance policy.

Click here to download a PDF of the policy brochure


Applying for the Master Locksmiths Liability Insurance Policy:

This policy commenced January 1, 2015.

To take advantage of the features and benefits offered by the Master Locksmiths Liability Insurance policy please click here to download and fill out the Insurance Application Form.

(You will require the latest version of Adobe Reader to fill in and save your information on this form - click here to install)


Please email your completed application form to

Alternatively you can mail or fax your form to the attention of Tim Prosser.

Address:   Level 5, 90 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000. 

Fax:        03 8646 0220


Additional Cover

Any business activities in addition to those listed above require referral to Whitbread, and subsequent acceptance by ACE Insurance.

When requesting higher policy limits and additional business activities, any additional premium will be payable by the member within 14 days.


Important Documents

Policy Wording 

Click here to download the MLAA Liability Insurance Policy Wording

Insurance Application Form

Click here to download and fill out the Insurance Application Form

(You will require the latest version of Adobe Reader to fill in and save your information on this form - click here to install)

Policy Brochure

Click here to view and download our Public Liability Insurance brochure


Claim Notification and Lodgement

Please lodge your claim within 24 hours of notification.

To lodge a claim, please contact your broker Tim Prosser:


P:           1300 424 627


Other Insurance Services

We can arrange additional insurance and risk solutions for your business, your personal assets, and life insurance.

Click on the links below to find out more and request your quote:

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Covered Features

  • MLAA Public Liability Insurance (including Errors & Omissions) Defence Costs

    Defence Costs

    Provides cover for your legal defence costs associated with a claim.

  • MLAA Public Liability Insurance (including Errors & Omissions) Third Party Property Damage & Personal Injury

    Third Party Property Damage & Personal Injury

    Provides cover for liability incurred as a result of negligence, actual or alleged, that has resulted in Third Party property damage or personal injury. The limit of liability is $20,000,000. For higher limits please refer to Whitbread. These limits are per member. Products Liability is in the Aggregate.

  • MLAA Public Liability Insurance (including Errors & Omissions) Care Custody & Control

    Care Custody & Control

    Cover provides for damage to a 3rd party’s goods held in your Care, Custody and Control.

  • MLAA Public Liability Insurance (including Errors & Omissions) Loss of Keys

    Loss of Keys

    Provides you with cover for the costs associated with the replacement of locks and keys should your clients’ keys be lost or stolen as a result of your negligence.

  • MLAA Public Liability Insurance (including Errors & Omissions) Errors and Omissions

    Errors and Omissions

    Protection for you and your business against costs associated with the alleged or actual financial loss which may arise from any errors or omissions committed whilst carrying out your business activities. This policy will cover you up to a limit of $1,00,000.

  • MLAA Public Liability Insurance (including Errors & Omissions) Statutory Liability

    Statutory Liability

    Covers you and your business for fines and penalties incurred through operating the business. This includes fines related to workers compensation.

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