Motor Fleet

Whether you have a fleet of cars or a range of vehicles used for commercial purposes, Whitbread can source a Motor Fleet insurance policy to meet your business requirements.

Business operators can choose a Motor Fleet or Commercial Vehicle insurance policy that provides:

  • Comprehensive damage cover for your vehicle
  • Third party fire and theft cover
  • Third party property damage cover

Depending on the level of insurance chosen, business operators can choose to insure vehicles on either agreed value or market value basis.

Certain types of motor fleet vehicles do not meet many underwriters’ guidelines, however, Whitbread has access to many specialised markets who cater for vehicles with a carrying capacity over 10 tonne.

Please Note: Below are some of the more common insurance policy features, however, the list is not exhaustive and some features may not be offered by certain insurers. Please refer to the insurer-specific policy wording for inclusions, exclusions, terms and conditions. 

Covered Features

Comprehensive Cover

Provides cover for both loss or damage to your own vehicle, in addition to liability cover for loss or damage sustained to third party vehicles and/or property.

Windscreen Waiver

Cover to repair loss or damage to the windscreen or window of the vehicle, with nil excess being applicable where no other damage has been incurred.

Automatic Additions & Deletions

Provides for acquired vehicles to be automatically included onto a policy.

New Vehicle Replacement

Provides new vehicle replacement after a total loss if the event occurs less than 2 years old from the date of original registration.

Employees Personal Property

Covering specified uninsured personal property of employees damaged in an accident or stolen from a locked vehicle.

Finance Gap or Lease Payout Cover

Cover provided if your vehicle is damaged beyond repair and the Market Value is less than the amount owed by you under a lease or finance arrangement.


Yes, most insurers will allow for you to choose your preferred repairer to complete any necessary vehicle repair. This is of course subject to the insurer being satisfied that the estimated repair costs are fair and reasonable, and consistent with the extent of any damage.

Yes.  It is very important that you advise us of any change in your fleet of vehicles, whether an addition or removal, to ensure coverage is in place. There may be policy clauses that may not require this, however, please ensure that you discuss this with your account manager.

Yes, however there will likely be additional excesses imposed for any driver that is (in most cases) under 21, agreed 21 to 25, or over 25 but licensed for less than 2 years.

If the keys to your vehicle are lost, damaged or destroyed, a typical Fleet policy will reimburse costs associated with replacing the key ignition barrel or all locks and keys if required, up to the policy limit. Often a nil excess will apply if no other loss or damage has occurred.

We suggest two strategies that you can easily implement:

1) Reverse parking

Research has shown that the incidence of car park collisions is significantly reduced when drivers reverse parallel park. Generating some clear guidelines and protocol around parking for your motor fleet is a no cost way of reducing the risk of collisions and minimising insurance claims.


2) Research the basket costs of your vehicle before purchase

Before purchasing vehicles for your motor fleet, it is a good idea to check the average cost of replacing car parts for the model you are looking at. The car may be cheap to purchase, but the cost of parts may be an unwelcome surprise when it comes to servicing.

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