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Medical Indemnity Insurance - Practitioners

Protect your liability, professional reputation, and the future of your practicing career, with quality Medical Indemnity Insurance and advice from Whitbread's specialist insurance advisers.

Leading solutions to protect your future

Whitbread can take care of your Medical Indemnity Insurance needs as a practitioner.

Available through a very select group of insurance advisers, Whitbread can arrange for you a flexible, high quality Medical Indemnity Insurance policy via an array of leading insurers, whilst also delivering specialist advice to ensure you are supported to make the best possible decisions for a secure professional and financial future. 

Key policy features

  • No set billing bands – risks are individually assessed
  • 24/7 Medico Legal hotline
  • Tail cover for prior practice
  • Private and Public Patients
  • Competitive premiums

Please scroll down for more information on covered features.

Insurance specialists for healthcare providers

Whitbread’s many years of experience in providing quality insurance solutions to the healthcare industry has enabled us to partner with respected Medical Indemnity insurers to further enhance the insurance solutions we offer to medical practices and doctors.

Whitbread are one of only a handful of Australian insurance brokers with the capability to offer Medical Indemnity Insurance products to medical professionals.

Please Note: Below are some of the more common insurance policy features, however, the list is not exhaustive and some features may not be offered by certain insurers. Please refer to the insurer-specific policy wording for inclusions, exclusions, terms and conditions. 

Covered Features

  • Medical Indemnity Insurance - Practitioners Retroactive cover to ensure you are protected

    Retroactive cover to ensure you are protected

    Policy will provide retroactive cover (“tail cover”) for prior practice you have undertaken.

  • Medical Indemnity Insurance - Practitioners Your practising activities covered

    Your practising activities covered

    Broad healthcare services definition to minimise the potential for gaps in your insurance protection.

  • Medical Indemnity Insurance - Practitioners Defence Costs in Addition

    Defence Costs in Addition

    An additional layer of protection with a ‘reinstatement’ clause to top up the policy limit if exhausted by a claim. Legal defence costs are in addition to the policy limit, to avoid eroding the limit.

  • Medical Indemnity Insurance - Practitioners Privacy risks

    Privacy risks

    Covers fines for breaches of privacy laws, as well as the cost of notifying regulators and patients if you experience a privacy breach.

  • Medical Indemnity Insurance - Practitioners Loss of income when attending court

    Loss of income when attending court

    Automatic cover for your loss of earnings for time away from your practice while attending court or arbitration in relation to a claim.

  • Medical Indemnity Insurance - Practitioners Public Patients Cover

    Public Patients Cover

    Automatic cover for public patient claims in your practice speciality where your hospital or area health service does not indemnify you. 

  • Medical Indemnity Insurance - Practitioners Industry first reputation protection

    Industry first reputation protection

    Your reputation has value. A Medical Indemnity policy can contribute to legal costs if you wish to continue defending a claim. It can cover the costs of engaging a public relations consultant to help safeguard your reputation. 

  • Medical Indemnity Insurance - Practitioners Telemedicine


    Cover for telehealth services including real time patient interactions and instant electronic monitoring. 

  • Medical Indemnity Insurance - Practitioners 24/7 Medico-legal hotline

    24/7 Medico-legal hotline

    Access to a 24/7 medico-legal hotline to ensure you have access to quality, specialist legal advice when you need it most.

  • Medical Indemnity Insurance - Practitioners No billing bands or mid-term increases

    No billing bands or mid-term increases

    No billing band categories or increase to your premium mid-term if gross billings are higher than anticipated.  

  • Medical Indemnity Insurance - Practitioners No cancellation penalties

    No cancellation penalties

    No onerous cancellation penalties.

  • Medical Indemnity Insurance - Practitioners Flexible policy periods and renewal dates

    Flexible policy periods and renewal dates

    Capability to be flexible around cover dates in line with your preferences.

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