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Cyber Insurance

The world today is governed by data and online connectivity. The internet enables so much for businesses and the lives of consumers, yet it also creates a huge cyber security exposure to the data-rich systems we rely on to operate.

Cyber Liability Insurance can help protect your business from the raft of serious liability and reputational exposures that can occur as a result of a cyber-attack.

Regardless of how good your company IT systems are, there is no 100% guaranteed way to protect your data. A data breach will not only affect your business, it can negatively impact your clients and customers.

Stolen credit card numbers, financial reports, medical records, birth dates and the loss of sensitive personal data can leave you liable and exposed, causing enormous damage to your bottom line and reputation. Recent changes to the Privacy Act now place even greater onus on Australian businesses to secure the sensitive data they hold, with hefty fines and penalties in place for privacy act breaches.

Traditional insurance policies do not cover losses to your business as a result of a cyber attack. This makes Cyber Insurance essential for all businesses.  

Key benefits:

  • Financial compensation to recoup costs that result from a security breach – including business interruption, IT recovery costs and regulatory fines - which can amount to $1.7 million.
  • Compensation for clients and customers who suffer financially or emotionally as a result of stolen data.
  • Extends to include expenses for legal representation and costs that incorporate forensic and legal counsel.
  • Covers the cost of professional consultants to assist in repairing damage to your company’s brand and reputation.

There are a wide range of suitable covers available for both small-medium enterprises and large organisations.


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Please Note: Below are some of the more common insurance policy features, however, the list is not exhaustive and some features may not be offered by certain insurers. Please refer to the insurer-specific policy wording for inclusions, exclusions, terms and conditions. 

Covered Features

  • Cyber Insurance Data Security

    Data Security

    Expenses related to cyber extortion or terrorism such as theft of hardware, destruction of data stored on any computer system or theft of access codes from premises, computer system or by employees.

  • Cyber Insurance Privacy Breach

    Privacy Breach

    Costs associated with a privacy breach including consumer notification and costs of providing credit monitoring services to affected customers.

  • Cyber Insurance Reputational Repair

    Reputational Repair

    Reimbursement of costs incurred in relation to reputational damage, libel, slander, defamation and invasion of privacy.

  • Cyber Insurance Network Interruption

    Network Interruption

    Cover for net income that would have been earned and continuing normal operating expenses incurred including payroll as a result of security failure.

  • Cyber Insurance Fines and Penalties

    Fines and Penalties

    Costs incurred due to fines or penalties imposed by government or regulatory authorities for a breach of data protection laws.

  • Cyber Insurance Defence Costs

    Defence Costs

    Costs for legal advice and representation in connection with formal investigations by authorities.

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